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Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging Services
Arhata Group is a leading Finance and Accounting (F&A) solutions provider delivering end to end Accounting, Reporting and Compliance Solutions across all industries and business functions. With its team of Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Company Secretaries, the objective of Arhata is to become one stop F&A destination for its clients. The list of Clients served by Arhata include those in Real Estate& Construction, Food Processing, Power, Information Technology and Automobile Industry.
Fixed Asset Management answers all the questions :
Where the firm’s assets are lying?
Does these assets present the true values?
Are the assets maintained properly?
Why Asset Verification?
Fixed asset verification involves lining up of all the assets specifying the places about where the assets are held and the ones responsible for the possession .it provides with :
A true and fair statement of fixed assets.
An updated FAR.
Results into better internal control and accountability.
Audit compliance.
Better and simpler decision making process.
To such a degree it aids to present a true and fair financial position of a firm,know the profitability level and future prospective of a firm.
Why Asset Tagging?
The places of placement of assets can be known with reduced time and efforts with the help of asset tagging.
Automates the verification process.
Monitors asset movement.
Reliable and accurate verification.
Individual identity of each asset.
Reduced time and efforts in asset verification.
Why Automatic Fixed Asset Verification?
Want to make the work simpler and interesting with the innovative ways of systematized working?
Automatic verification provides with the globalised accepted procedures.Automatic verification opens the tracks for the expansion of a firm with a simpler process.it curtails the need of money,time and efforts to an extent helping to deal with the security issues and costing mannerism.At the time of automatic verification,all the configuration issues are correcyed leading to a synchronized system of fixed asset verification.
Our Software Capabilities
Here is the best solution in a form of software which will enable you to work efficiently with lesser time by managing the work from specifying the users and locations to the generation of bar codes ,managing the missing assets.
Our Team Capabilities
Our team works towards centralized verification which automates the verification process as communicating and coordina- ting becomes” easy as pie”.The repetitive expression of ideas and purpose gets eradicated as a centralized team works with uniformity towards a same direction taking into consideration all the security determinations.Our methodical and systematic approach is process driven rather than dependent on an individual.
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